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January 2023

Congratulations Bitten!

Congratulations to Bitten Gullberg who recently was awarded DKK 5.5 million by the Villum Foundation through their Young Investigator Programme, funding her project "Exploring the Influence of the Local Environment on the Production of Stars In Starbursts" (ELLIPSIS).

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Upcoming Events

Event Date
Cake Talks (ongoing) See the schedule here
DAWN Team Day (at DTU) 10 Feb
ISM-UCPH: Theater show (free) 25 Feb (link is here)
DAWN Team Day (at NBB) 10 Mar
DAWN Team Day (at DTU) 28 Apr
Lab-Retreat 03-04 May
Save the date: DAWN X-mas Party 15 Dec

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Upcoming Guests

Name Arrival Departure
Francesco Valentino  02 Feb 14 Feb
Nicholas Martis                06 Feb
10 Feb
Yuxiang Qin 13 Mar 24 Mar

Meet Nikolaj Sillassen - new member of the 1st Author Pub-Club!

My name is Nikolaj Bjerregaard Sillassen, I am a second-year master’s student at the Technical University of Denmark, and I am currently writing my thesis under the supervision of Georgios Magdis and Shuowen Jin.

A fun fact about me is that I love wine, I am one of the founders of a wine club at my dorm, and my girlfriend is going crazy because of my wine storage.

I became interested in this topic because I had to do something called synthesis project on my master’s, and I wanted to work with galaxies and galaxy evolution as I had done in previous projects. In between my synthesis project and master’s thesis, I kept working with Georgios and Shuowen, searching for galaxy proto-clusters in the new JWST observations. My thesis will be about the nature of these early-universe galaxy protoclusters.

In my opinion, the most interesting finding in my paper, is the fact that this is one of the earliest and most compact highly evolved cores ever found. Hosting both red, possibly quenching galaxies, blue star-forming galaxies, and very dusty star-bursting galaxies, which are signs of a proto-cluster in the so-called maturing phase.

This paper is just the beginning, as it only contains photometric redshifts. Both follow-ups of spectroscopic redshifts, and other observations of this proto-cluster, will hopefully challenge some of the current theories about galaxy evolution and cosmology. I look forward to working more with this cluster in the future.




♦  Online introduction meeting: Sapere Aude Program 09 Feb             UCPH link
♦  "JWST Workshop" at Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge       20-24 Mar  Link is here
♦  "Present and Future of Line-Intensity Mapping” workshop at MPI 18-21 Apr Link is here
♦  Conference "Escape of Lyman radiation from galactic labyrinths" 18-21 Apr Link is here
♦  ADAM 2023 in Fredericia (Annual Danish Astronomy Meeting) 07-08 Jun TBD
♦  “First Light” Conference in Boston 12-16 Jun Link is here
♦  The SCMA conference (Penn State University) 12-16 Jun Link is here
♦  Euclid meeting 2023 19-23 Jun TBD
♦  DAWN Summit 2023 26-28 Jun TBD
♦  Scientific Communication in Astronomy School 2nd edition - Italy 02-06 Oct Link is here
♦  "Young Astronomers on Galactic Nuclei" (YAGN23) in Italy 18-20 Oct Link is here


♦ Fulbright Denmark - grants for scholars 14 Feb DTU link UCPH link
♦ The VILLUM Foundation (Synergy Programme) 02 Mar UCPH link
♦ DFF (Sapere Aude 2023) 23 Mar DTU link UCPH link
♦ Inge Lehmann’s grant 01 Apr UCPH link
♦ EU Horizon Europe - ERC Advanced Grant 23 May ERC link UCPH link
♦ VILLUM Experiment 15 Mar UCPH link
♦ The Carlsberg Foundation: Int. Fellowships 01 Apr UCPH link
♦ VILLUM Foundation/Young Investigator (preliminary) 08 Jun UCPH link
♦ EU Horizon Europe - ERC Starting Grant (preliminary) 25 Oct UCPH link


~ Danish Traditions & Culture ~

CPH Light Festival


Lightworks 2021 - Copenhagen Light FestivalWhen a new year begins, we often seek for new purposes and new energy to re-charge our life-batteries again. But in the cold and grey winter-weather in Denmark, this calls for extra help! Copenhagen Light Festival is an annual light festival that transforms the quiet and cold winter darkness into a unique celebration of light art, lighting design and illumination in the Center of Copenhagen.

Vision - Copenhagen Light FestivalIn three weeks of February the festival presents a wide range of light based works – such as sculpture, installation, projection mapping, event and illumination created by both established and upcoming light artists, lighting designers, students and organizations. This year, the Copenhagen Light festival will take place from 03 February - 26 February 2023. You can read more and find the official program here.


Komplet fastelavnstønde sæt - et tilbud med alt hvad du skal bruge!______________________________________________________________________________________________

"Fastelavn" is a tradition dating back to the 16th century and is a mixture of Halloween and a carnival event. Fastelavn is celebrated in February and children dress up in costumes to take turns hitting a wooden barrel filled with candy and treats. It's similar to a piñata, although instead of sweets, a live black cat was traditionally inside of the barrel. (But don't worry! Nowadays, the cat has been switched out for the sweets and the barrel is simply decorated with a painted version of a black cat).

Vadim Rusakov as Finding Waldo
DAWN PhD Student Vadim Rusakov as "finding Waldo"

The barrel ritual ("Slå katten af tønden") has been practiced for centuries and the same rules still apply today. The game continues until the entire barrel is broken. The one who knocks the bottom off the barrel (causing all of the candy to spill out) becomes the kattedronning ("queen of cats"); the one who knocks off the last piece of the barrel becomes the kattekonge ("king of cats"). Historically, it was believed that beating the barrel and chasing the black cat symbolized demolishing evil and chasing it away. This was practiced up until the 1800s, with the last known event occurring in the 1880s. The cat was not killed, but allowed to escape when the barrel was broken. The practice was also popular in Holland and similar events were known to take place in Germany, called "Katzenschlagen”.

Den store guide: Disse 9 bagere serverer de bedste fastelavnsboller i Odense - Tips til Odense

Today, Fastelavn is mostly a fun tradition kept alive by young children at daycare institutions and primary schools. The best part of Fastelavn for adults is the Fastelavnsboller (sweet choux buns with thick cream or jam in the middle) Read more about Fastelavn, its origin and its traditions here.