The Cosmic Dawn Center (DAWN) is an international research center for Astrophysics supported by the Danish National Research Foundation.

DAWN is located in Copenhagen, with offices both at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, and at the National Space Institute at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Space). The center is dedicated to uncovering how and when the first galaxies, stars and black holes formed, through observations with the prime telescopes of the next decade (ALMA, JWST, Euclid, E-ELT, HST) as well as through theoretical work and simulations.

You can find more information on the official NBI and DTU Space websites. Visit or contact us

Funding partners

The Danish National Research Foundation provides primary funding to the Cosmic DAWN as a Center of Excellence, which runs for up to 10 years divided between two granting periods that runs for 6 and 4 years respectively. The Cosmic DAWN Center is a relatively new center that started in spring of 2018.


Additional grants

In addition, DAWN members have been successful in obtaining personal grants from Danish and international funding agencies:


▪︎ M. Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships: ECOGAL (PI: Lee)

▪︎Villum Young Investigator: Exploring the infLuence of the Local envIronment on the Production of Stars In Starbursts” (ELLIPSIS (PI: Gullberg)

  • Villum Experiment: The Binocular Large Area Survey Telescope” (PI: Heintz)
  • Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond: Galactic Gas Recycling (PI: Christensen)
  • Reintegration Fellowships: FRB Origins Through Host Galaxy Studies (PI: Heintz)
  • Villum Young Investigator Project The Hidden Cosmos: Bringing to light the agents of star formation and heavy element production in the early Universe (PI: Magdis)
  • Carlsberg Foundation Reintegration Fellowship Physical Properties of Interstellar Medium in Luminous Infrared Galaxies at High Redshift (PI: Gullberg)
  • Carlsberg Foundation Research Infrastructure Grant  GISMO and the Greenland Telescope: A New Window to the Universe (PI: Greve)
  • Carlsberg Young Researcher Fellowship Protoclusters and Supermassive Black Holes (PI: Greve)
  • Fondet Dr. N P Wieth-Knudsens Observatoriet Grant For a small telescope on the institute’s roof (PI: Fynbo)
  • M. Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships BEST-TIME: Big Extragalactic Surveys Treated Through Innovative MEthods (PI: Davidzon)
  • NovoNordisk Foundation Conferences & Workshops Grant Where the Earth Meets the Sky (PI: Davidzon)
2018 or earlier
  • ERC Consolidator Grant Connecting the Extreme (PI:Toft)
  • Villum Young Investigator Project Gas to dust – dust to stars (PI: Magdis)
  • DFF project The First generations of Galaxies (PI: Watson)
  • Carlsberg Foundation Research Infrastructure Grant NOT Transient Explorer (PI: Fynbo)
  • Carlsberg Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship Galaxies: Rise and Death – GRAD (PI: Valentino)
  • ERC Consolidator Grant Emission line Galaxies and Gamma-ray bursts (PI: Fynbo)