DAWN Cake Talks

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DAWN Cake Talks are weekly talks focusing on DAWN's science, given at the Cosmic Dawn Center and/or online, and with a typical duration of 20+ minutes, and, of course, are accompanied by cake for those attending in-person. The talks are planned one semester ahead.

To apply to give a talk, or to nominate someone else to speak, please fill out this form.

  • For talks in November – December, please submit nominations/applications asap ideally by 19th November to receive full consideration
  • For talks in January – March 2022, the deadline for submissions is 10th December.

Please note that we are unable to guarantee a talk slot to everyone who submits an application. Talks will be selected to ensure a diverse range of topics relevant to DAWN.

Questions related to Cake Talks may be sent to caketalks.astroattic [at] gmail.com


Clicking a hyperlinked title will take you to a recording of the talk.

Date Speaker Title
28 Oct Aaron Wilkinson How do post-starburst galaxies occupy halos?
21 Oct Kasper Elm Heintz Measuring the HI gas mass of galaxies in the early Universe with gamma-bursts
12 Oct Martin Sparre Multiphase gas flows in the circumgalatic medium of galaxies
30 Sep Gabe Brammer Chronicle of a Death Foretold: A Predicted 20-year Time Delay for a Lensed Ia Supernova at z=1.95
16 Sep Arianna Long Missing Giants: The Impact of Dust-Obscuration on Stellar Mass Assembly Through Cosmic Time
9 Sep Alkistis Pourtsidou HI constraints from cross-correlations of intensity maps with optical galaxies
26 Aug Axel Widman Weighing the Galactic disk using phase-space spirals
19 Aug Julia Homa Groundtruthing Rotation Curve Models of Galaxies at z=2
19 Aug Michael Messere Searching for Starburst-Driven Ionized Gas Outflows at z~1.5 Main-Sequence Galaxies with KMOS
19 Aug Casey Carlisle Star Formation Histories of Galaxies in COSMOS2020
19 Aug Zoe Kearney Exploring high O[III]/C[II] line ratios in the early universe
19 Aug Hollis Akins ALMA reveals extended gas and dust emission around the z = 7.13 galaxy A1689-zD1
12 Aug John Directly probing the quasar accretion disc with multi-epoch photometry
5 Aug Charles Steinhardt The Power of Dimensionality Reduction
22 Jul Bryan Scott Astrophysics and Cosmology with Intensity Mapping
15 Jul Rebecca Larson Islands of Reionization - A Potential Ionized Bubble Powered by an Overdensity at z=8.7
1 Jul Sidney lower Improving Galaxy SED Modeling Techniques with Cosmological Simulations
24 Jun Seiji Fujimoto ALMA Lensing Cluster Survey: A Sub-kpc View of [CII] emission from a Sub-L* Galaxy in the epoch of reionization
24 Jun Thomas Greve Galaxy Clusters - Emergence and Prominence
17 Jun Francesca Rizzo High-resolution dynamical studies of star-forming galaxies across cosmic time
10 Jun Steven Gillman The Fundamental Properties of z=1-2 Star-Forming Galaxies
10 Jun Kate Gould Galaxy quenching: from local post-starbursts to the first dead giants at z~4
27 May Kevin Harrington PASSAGES: A Multi-J CO and [CI] line study of single dish observations of the lensed Planck selected starbursts at cosmic noon
20 May Maria Maistro Is most published research wrong?
15 Apr Sirio Belli Molecular gas in high-redshift quiescent galaxies
8 Apr Fabio Vito The furthest QSOs in the X-rays
18 Mar Tony Mroczkowski Towards an Atacama Large Aperture Submillimeter Array (AtLAST)
11 Mar Jorryt Matthee The X-SHOOTER Lyman-alpha survey at z=2
4 Mar Hannah Stacey 100-pc resolution of z~2 quasar host galaxies with ALMA: witnessing the formation of compact spheroids
25 Feb Vasily Kokorev The Evolving Interstellar Medium of Star-Forming Galaxies
11 Feb Sam Cutler Diagnosing DASH: A Morphological Catalog for the COSMOS-DASH Survey
Date Speaker Title Recorded talk
4 Feb Takahiro Morishita (G)old mining in high-redshift galaxies: Application of SED fitting in the era of JWST
14 Jan Lukas Furtak low-mass SMF from clusters
10 Dec Francesca Rizzo A strong gravitational lensing view on the dynamical properties of high-redshift dusty star-forming galaxies
3 Dec Gergo Popping TNG50 dust continuum sizes
26 Nov John Weaver COSMOS2020
Date Speaker Title Recorded talk
22 Aug Kate Gould Searching for strongly lensed quiescent galaxies at z>2 in the COSMOS and XMM-LSS fields
22 Aug Vince Estrada-Carpenter Stellar Population Properties of Massive Quiescent Galaxies Derived from Deep Hubble Space Telescope Grism Data
19 Jun Dennits Zaritsky The Circumgalactic Medium and the Galaxy Evolution Loophole
19 Jun Darshan Kakkad SUPER survey: Ionized outflows and their impact on host galaxies with near-infrared IFU observations