Shuowen Jin receives the 2021 IOP China Top Cited Paper Award

Congratulations to Shuowen Jin, whose PhD paper is among the top 1% highest cited papers in China during the period 2018–2020, earning him a prestigious prize from IOP Publishing.

Shuowen, Saclay

IOP Publishing — the publishing company of e.g. The Astrophysical Journal and The Astronomical Journal — has just announced the winners of their "China Top Cited Paper Award". This Prize aims to recognize the most influential papers published by Chinese researchers.

In the category "Astronomy & Astrophysics" we find Shuowen Jin (靳硕文) who was awarded the Prize for his paper written during his PhD.


In his paper, “Super-deblended” Dust Emission in Galaxies. II. Far-IR to (Sub)millimeter Photometry and High-redshift Galaxy Candidates in the Full COSMOS Field, Shuowen Jin uses a novel "super-deblending" technique to perform photometry on near-infrared and sub-millimeter data from the COSMOS field, a 2 square degree region on the sky which has been observed with multiple Earth- and space-based telescopes.

The resulting catalogue of almost 200,000 galaxies has been publicly released.


A small subset of the COSMOS field of galaxies analyzed by Shuowen Jin, spanning 1½ square arcminutes, corresponding roughly to twice the size of Jupiter viewed from Earth. The image is composed of three colors; one blue (B) and two infrared (z and K). Credit: Shuowen Jin.

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