Kasper Heintz receives Carlsberg Reintegration Fellowship

The grant will be used to study the enigmatic fast radio bursts, for which Kasper Heintz recently was awarded 180 hours of observing time at the Very Large Telescope.


Kasper Heintz is currently a postdoc at the University of Iceland and an affiliate of the Cosmic Dawn Center. With the Carlsberg Reintegration Fellowship,  he will be able to join DAWN fully from next year.

The fellowship will be used in part to study the so-called fast radio bursts — intense, but transient, bursts of radio emission. The origin of these phenomena is yet disputed, but recently Kasper Heintz was awarded an exceptional 180 hours of observing time at the Very Large Telescope Chile, which will be devoted to his program "Fast radio bursts: origins and cosmology".

At DAWN, we are very happy to welcome Kasper as a full-time DAWNer!


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