Printer setup at NBB

At the Niels Bohr Building, printing can only done through the NBI network. That is, you need to be either

  1. connected to the ethernet,
  2. connected to the NBI wifi (using your UCPH login), or
  3. connected to another wifi (e.g. Eduroam), but using a VPN to NBI.

More info can be found at the NBI wiki.


Go to System Preferences →  Printers & Scanners. Select the + symbol, which will open a new window. Select the middle tab and enter/select the following:

Protocol: Internet Printing Protocol - IPP
Queue: printers/printer_name
Name (optional): E.g. , or "NBB 2. Floor, H-tower, right"
Location (optional): At CMT
Use: Generic PostScript Printer

where printer_name is either nbb-2h-mfp or nbb-2h-mfp-r (the -r used to mean "the one on the right", but now someone swapped the printers so whatever 🤷).


You can normally configure printers using a tool like system-config-printer. The URL of the printer is then e.g. ipp://, where printer_name is either nbb-2h-mfp or nbb-2h-mfp-r.

If your machine runs a local CUPS daemon with browsing enabled, you should see all printers. Check with lpstat -p. Otherwise, you can explicitely set the server by putting the following line in ~/.cups/client.conf:


In the printer setup, choose “Add new printer” → “Network printer” → "The printer that I want isn't listed" → "Select a shared printer by name" and enter the following URL:

where printer_name is either nbb-2h-mfp or nbb-2h-mfp-r.

Then choose a driver:

  • Windows 10: HP Color LaserJet CP4025/4525 PS Class Driver
  • Windows ≤ 8: A HP 4000 Series PCL driver should normally work, but you can get a driver for the exact model from HP.