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    ERDA, or Electronic Research Data Archive, is the University of Copenhagen facility for storing, sharing, analyzing and archiving research data. Anyone at UCPH — and anyone in some way affiliated with UCPH, i.e. also DTU-based DAWNers and international associates — can get an account. As a UCPH user, you simply go to the ERDA website and sign up with your UCPH username ("Swedish license plate") and password. Non-UCPH user should contact the admin to get an account.

    An extensive user guide is found here, but a few useful features will be highlighted in the following:


    MODI (MPI Oriented Development and Investigation) is a cluster of 8 nodes, each with 3×32 cores and 256 GB memory. Jobs are submitted using SLURM.


    ERDA doesn't have a user storage limit. If you need more than a few tens of TB, you might have to let the admin know why.

    The "main storage" doesn't offer version control. Automatic history and rewind function is offered by "ERDA Seafile", which has a space limit of 100 GB. See more here.

    Uploading files

    Files can be uploaded to your directory in several different ways. The following examples show how to upload a recorded talk to the shared:

    Browser drag-and-drop

    Login to your main page, click the file icon, navigate to DAWN→Science→Talks, and click "Click to open upload helper".


    To be able to SFTP to ERDA, you must first configure how you want to authenticate; either via an SSH public key or via a password. This is done from your ERDA page by clicking 👤→Setup→SFTP (see figure on the right/below).

    Subsequently, you can log in via a terminal with

    > sftp "fonzie@nbi.ku.dk"@io.erda.dk

    and provide your password, if set (note that the "s are part of the syntax). Then navigate to the desired directory and use the put command to transfer:

    > cd DAWN/Science/Talks
    > put talk.mp4

    Finder (MacOS)

    On a Mac, ERDA can also be mounted through a Finder window:

    First, a WebDAVS password must be set up on your ERDA site by clicking 👤→Setup→SFTP.

    Then, in Finder click Go → Connect to Server… (or hit ⌘K). In the popup window, enter the server address https://io.erda.dk:8020 and click Connect.


    You will then be prompted for your username (email address) and WebDAVS password.

    After giving these, you can find your way to the appropriate folder as you usually do in Finder.