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Bo Milvang-Jensen


I am a researcher based at the Cosmic Dawn Center. I received my master's degree from the University

Ting-Yi Lu

PhD Student

Bitten Gullberg

Carlsberg Integration Fellow

Aswin P Vijayan

DAWN Fellow

Simulations of galaxy formation, high-z galaxies, dust, photometry

Lijie Liu

DAWN Fellow

Specialised in observational radio/(sub)mm astronomy, interstellar medium, star formation and galaxy

Minju Lee

DAWN Fellow

Lise Christensen

Associate Professor

My research topics focus on the nature of gas and stars in and around distant galaxies with observat

Seiji Fujimoto


distant galaxies and quasars; observations with JWST, HST, Subaru, Keck, VLT, ALMA, NOEMA, JVLA

David Blánquez Sesé

PhD Student

Quiescent galaxies, Interstellar medium, Galaxy formation and evolution

Shuowen Jin


Formation and evolution of distant dusty galaxies and clusters. Infrared, (sub)mm & radio observatio

Daniele Bjørn Malesani


Interests: gravitational waves, gamma-ray bursts, transients, observations.

Natalie Allen

PhD Student

Researching the first galaxies, galaxy evolution and reionization with observations from ground brea

Gonzalo Prieto

PhD Student

Galaxy evolution; Reionization; Early Universe; Lyman Alpha Emitters.

Victoria Strait

DAWN Fellow

High redshift galaxy properties, Epoch of Reionization

Meghana Killi

PhD Student

High z, galaxy evolution, oddities and anomalies, LAE, Lya, compact galaxies, morphology, HST, ALMA

Birgitta Nordström

Associate Professor Emerita

Star formation, nucleosynthesis, and general chemical and dynamical evolution of the Galactic disk.

Axel Widmark

Galactic dynamics, dynamical mass measurements, Gaia, dark matter particle phenomenology.

Anne Klitsch

Circumgalactic medium, Galaxies, Molecular gas, Active Galactic Nuclei, Supermassive black holes.

Georgios Magdis

Associate Professor

Galaxy formation and evolution, observational cosmology, ISM

Kate Gould

PhD Student

Galaxy evolution, quenching, quiescent and post-starburst galaxies.

John R. Weaver

PhD Student

Galaxy evolution, assembly, and star-formation cessation. Catalog maker. Citizen science enthusiast.

Gabriel Brammer

Associate Professor

Galaxy evolution with space telescopes.

Francesca Rizzo


Galaxy evolution; Galaxy dynamics; Gravitational lensing

Vadim Rusakov

PhD Student

Galaxy assembly and quenching, stellar populations, general interest in machine learning tools.

Nina Bonaventura


JWST/NIRSpec GTO Team member. Algorithms & scientific software dev. Galaxy formation & evolution.

Clara Giménez Arteaga

PhD Student

Galaxy evolution, spatially resolved observations, ISM, extinction & attenuation, imaging with HST.

Kasper Elm Heintz

Assistant Professor

Now, I mainly work on the optical counterparts and host galaxies of astronomical transients such as

Francesco Valentino

Assistant Professor

Galaxy evolution, star formation, and quenching. Carlsberg Fellow.

Steven Gillman


High redshift galaxy evolution, star-forming galaxies, kinematics, morphology, JWST MIRI GTO

Johan Fynbo


I am a professor at the Cosmic Dawn Center at the Niels Bohr Institute. I work on galaxy formation,

Malte Brinch

PhD Student

Galaxy Evolution, Starburst Galaxies, Protoclusters of Galaxies, Submillimeter Astronomy, ISM, Dust,

Joonas Kari Markku Viuho

PhD Student

Instrumentation, e.g. for the NOT Transient Explorer (NTE).

Charlotte Mason

Associate Professor

Galaxy formation & evolution, Reionization, and the galaxy-dark matter connection in the early Unive

Pascal Oesch

Associate Professor at U. Geneva

First galaxies; galaxy evolution; imaging & spectroscopy with HST, Spitzer, Keck, VLT, ALMA & NOEMA

Thomas R. Greve

Professor, Center Co-Director

Professor of Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology, and center co-director.

Peter Laursen

Astrophysicist and Science Communicator

Lyman α radiative transferring, galaxy modeling, outreaching, webmastering, event coordinating, …

Sune Toft

Center director

Professor of Cosmology and Extragalactic Astrophysics and center director of the Cosmic Dawn Center.