Aswin P Vijayan

DAWN Fellow

I am a DAWN fellow at the Cosmic Dawn Center based at DTU Space. I recently finished my PhD (September 2021) at the University of Sussex, UK working with Prof. Peter Thomas and Dr. Stephen Wilkins. I work mainly on simulations of galaxy formation and evolution to understand the impact dust has on various galaxy observables in the early Universe.

During my PhD I have worked on developing a self-consistent dust production and destruction model in the L-Galaxies Semi-Analytical Model. I have also done extensive work in the development of FLARES, a suite of zoom resimulations using the EAGLE simulation physics targeting a range of overdensities in the Epoch of Reionisation. I implemented a line-of-sight dust extinction model to obtain the UV to near-IR SEDs of these galaxies as well as the full SEDs using the radiative transfer code SKIRT. You can find more details about it on my personal website.

I wouldn’t say no to a session of squash or badminton and enjoy watching football and making random foods.