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September 2023

NOT Summerschool


Iris, David and Albert on La Palma. Photo Credit: Vadim Rusakov

Iris Jermann, Ting-Yi Lu, David Blanquez, Albert Sneppen, Gonzalo Prieto Lyon and Vadim Rusakov from DAWN participated in the yearly NOT Summer School in August at the Roque de los Muchachos, on La Palma, supervised by Johan Fynbo, Frank Grundahl and Natalie Allen.

They learnt how to operate an optical telescope and how much fun this activity can be. The students observed stars being torn apart by the massive black holes, oldest quasars in the universe and beautiful gas remnants of dead stars in the Milky Way.

Welcome onboard!

New staff of the Cosmic Dawn Center


Koki Kakiichi     (Assistant Professor, NBI)


Lilje Liu (Postdoc, NBI)

Viola gelli

Viola Gelli (Postdoc, NBI)


Chandana Hedge (PhD, DTU)


Nikolaj Bjerregaard Sillassen            (PhD, DTU)


Rasmus Damgaard Nielsen (PhD, NBI)

Science PhD award of 2023

Among 240 PhD theses, John Weaver was ranked among the 8 best theses at the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen in 2023.

Big Congratulations John!


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Upcoming Events

♦ Cake Talks (ongoing) See the schedule here
♦ NBI Gala Party 2023 07 Oct Read more on Facebook (event "Kæmpefest 2023")
♦ NBI X-mas Party 01 Dec Venue: BioCenter Canteen
♦ Save the date: DAWN X-mas Party 15 Dec Venue: Munkekælderen or NBB

Upcoming Guests

Jens-Kristian Krogager 09 October 2023 12 October 2023
Francesco Valentino 13 October 2023 20 October 2023
Olivia Cooper April 2024 June 2024

Meet Victoria Strait - new member of the 1st Author Pub-Club!


Hi, I am Victoria Strait a DAWN Fellow based at KU. I'm working on several projects, all related to early galaxy evolution with JWST. Most of my time is spent with the Canadian NIRISS Unbiased Cluster Survey (CANUCS) team, which is based in Canada but has several international members.


A fun fact about me is that I had a job for several years as a teenager at a moon bounce company, setting up and supervising birthday parties and making cotton candy for kids. Another fun fact is that the biggest moon bounce castles can weigh upwards of 500 kg!


I've been involved with using high-z lensing data for a while, but the topic of low star formation rate galaxies is fairly new to me, and I became interested in it when we saw it in the JWST data from CANUCS. The galaxy we discovered looks a lot different than most other galaxies at this redshift in that it is almost completely lacking in emission lines while most others have very strong lines, so it immediately stood out. It made us wonder how a galaxy so early in the universe could already be stopping its star formation, and what the future of the galaxy might hold.


I think the most exciting part of this paper is that because we have gravitational lensing, we can see a distant, intrinsically faint and low-mass galaxy that seems to be in the process of turning off its star formation, at least temporarily. Because it lacks strong emission lines, it needs to be quite bright for us to see it, and we can only do so because a galaxy cluster in front of it is magnifying it by a factor of ~40. It's also the beginning of a new subfield of astronomy-- others have named the phenomenon of temporary quenching in low-mass galaxies "mini-quenching". Now that we have a handful of observations of galaxies like this one, theorists and simulators are trying to figure out what drives the process, and observers are trying to find out how many more there might be.


♦ Scientific Communication in Astronomy School 2nd Edition - Italy 02-06 Oct Link is here
♦ Horizon Europe Cluster 4 information days 11-12 Oct Link is here
♦ "Young Astronomers on Galactic Nuclei" (YAGN23) in Italy 18-20 Oct Link is here
♦ Workshop: “Improving JWST Data Products", Baltimore 14-17 Nov Link is here
♦ Information meeting with the Novo Nordisk Foundation 24 Nov Link is here
♦ D-LOCKS Workshop, DTU 11-12 Jan, 2024 Read more and sign up here
♦ Conference: The Physics and Impact of Astrophysical Dust: from Star Formation Through Cosmology, Aspen 03-08 March, 2024 Link is here
♦ Conference: First Stars VII, CCA at the Flatiron Institute in New York 20-24 May, 2024 Link - TBD
♦ Conference: "The physical processes shaping the stellar and gaseous histories of galaxies" - Pisa, Italy 27-31 May 2024 Link is here
♦ Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF): Sapere Aude 2023 10 Oct DTU link UCPH link
♦ Independent Research Fund Denmark: Project 2 (DFF) 11 Oct DTU link UCPH link
♦ EU Horizon Europe - ERC Starting Grant (preliminary) 25 Oct DTU link UCPH link
♦ Independent Research Fund Denmark: International Postdoc (DFF) 31 Oct DTU link UCPH link
♦ EU Horizon Europe - ERC Synergy Grant (preliminary) 08 Nov DTU link UCPH link
♦ EU Horizon Europe - ERC Consolidator Grant (preliminary) 12 Dec DTU link UCPH link

Danish Traditions & Culture

Culture Night in CPH, Friday the 13th of October 2023: For more than 30 years, Culture Night has been one of Copenhagen's most well-attended cultural events. When the schools begin their autumn holiday the association Kulturnatten creates a festive evening, where the entire cultural life of the city works together to create joy and inspiration for all.

More than 200 museums, theatres, libraries, churches, ministries, and parks throughout the city welcome the public during Copenhagen's biggest annual one-day event, and the exciting events show that the city embraces many aspects of its cultural life. Read more here.


Hallowen decorations and events in Copenhagen: If Wikipedia can be trusted, the American version of Halloween only took off in Denmark in 2000 and the production of real pumpkins has raised, with nearly a million sold every year in Denmark.

American-style Halloween has become popular not just because it references a deep pagan tradition, but because getting ready for it gives the kids something to do during fall vacation (efterårsferie) in Denmark. In Tivoli, the autumn season is kicked off with a specular Halloween decoration of the entire garden and including spooky surprises, wonderful food to taste and a very popular pumpkin-competitions and exhibition. Read more here about Halloween in Tivoli.

The amusement park “Bakken” north of CPH will also for the second time have a special Halloween event in week 42 in 2023 - read more about “Bakken” here.

Happy Halloween!


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