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November 2023

Newly appointed Representants of the DAWN PhD's and Postdocs

The Cosmic Dawn Center has jointly appointed new Representants of our PhD's and Postdocs. The Representants can attend the DAWN board meetings and speak on the respected group's behalf. Please do reach out to them, if you have any concerns or ideas that you wish to have highlighted for the board.

A big thank you to Simone, Marko, Kimi and Anne!


Simone Vejlgaard Holm, PhD Representant

Kimi 2

Kimi Cardoso Kreilgaard, Suppleant for the PhD Representant


Marko Shuntov, Postdoc Representant


Anne Hutter, Suppleant for the Postdoc Representant

Public Talks in November

Albert, Kosmisk Comedy, Planetariet

Albert Sneppen speaking at the event "Kosmisk Comedy" at the Planetarium in Copenhagen.

Charles, Tap

Charles Steinhardt speaking at the event "Astronomy on TAP" in Copenhagen.

Upcoming Events

♦ Cake Talks (ongoing) See the schedule here
♦ DG Annual Meeting 2024 22 Feb 2024 Venue: DTU
♦ DTU Space A&A Xmas Party 08 Dec Venue: DTU
♦ DAWN Xmas Party 15 Dec Sign up here
♦ KU Festival 2024 31 May 2024 Read more here

Upcoming Guests

Alexandra Pope (UMASS) 15 Jan 2024 20 Jan 2024
Pablo Pérez-González (CAB) 18 Jan 2024 18 Jan 2024
Mariska Kriek (Leiden) 05 Feb 2024 05 Feb 2024
Francesco Valentino 05 Feb 2024 05 Feb 2024

Meet Malte Brinch - new member of the 1st Author Pub-Club!


Hey, I am Malte Brinch from Danmark. I am a 3'rd year PhD student under the supervision of Thomas Greve and Georgios Magdis based at DTU. I am working on galaxy evolution in the early Universe, with a focus on searching for and studying protoclusters.

During my bachelor and master, I mainly worked with AGN. My bachelor's project was studying CIV emission in AGN and my master thesis was about determining the lag time to the AGN dusty torus.

Once I started my PhD I got the opportunity to be part of the COSMOS collaboration and work with their newest data release to search for protoclusters.

A fun fact: I like to bake as a hobby! And I have an interest in the history of food. If I find some interesting recipe, I usually bake it over the weekend and bring it to the office. If you are at DTU on Mondays you can try some too!


The paper "DEIMOS spectroscopy of z=6 protocluster candidate in COSMOS -- A massive protocluster embedded in a large scale structure?" is on a z~6 protocluster that we obtained spectroscopy for using the Keck telescope located in Hawaii. I initially got interested in this protocluster because it was one of the most massive and galaxy-rich protocluster candidates that I located in COSMOS. We detected Lyman-alpha in 10 galaxies at z~6. From the SED fit of the most massive galaxy, we found that its age was much older than the other protocluster members and it could be the progenitor of the brightest cluster galaxies found in clusters at lower redshifts.

Combined with the other spectroscopic redshift from COSMOS, we found that the protocluster is part of a large-scale structure that consists of multiple concentrations of galaxies connected by filaments. My intention is to ask for JWST NIRSpec time to investigate the properties of these protocluster galaxies in more detail. I want to study how the galaxies' metallicity changes across the protocluster and obtain a deeper understanding of the gradients of physical parameters across the protocluster. This investigation will help us understand the formation and evolution of protocluster galaxies in the early Universe.

With the new JWST data coming with COSMOS-Web I want to try and use the new photometry to improve the SED fits for the protocluster candidate galaxies I found.

The new data will also allow us to search for protocluster candidates at even higher redshifts, above z>9.


♦ D-LOCKS Workshop, DAWN/DTU 11-12 Jan, 2024 Read more and sign up here
♦ Conference: The Physics and Impact of Astrophysical Dust: from Star Formation Through Cosmology, Aspen 03-08 March, 2024 Link is here
♦ STScI’s Annual Spring Symposium 15-19 April 2024 Link is here
♦ Conference: First Stars VII, CCA at the Flatiron Institute in New York 20-24 May, 2024 Link is here
♦ Conference: "The physical processes shaping the stellar and gaseous histories of galaxies" - Pisa, Italy 27-31 May 2024 Link is here
♦ AGN Feedback and Star Formation Across Cosmic Scales and Time, Italy 02-06 September, 2024 Read more here
♦ EU Horizon Europe - ERC Consolidator Grant 12 Dec DTU link UCPH link
♦ The VILLUM Foundation: VILLUM Synergy Programme 21 Feb 2024 DTU link UCPH link

Danish Traditions & Culture

Christmas: The Danish traditions for Christmas can seem to be quite odd for foreigners to understand. E.g. Danes have a  tradition of Dancing around the Christmas tree while singing Christmas carols.

Another Danish Christmas and December tradition is the calendar candle and advent Sundays. The tradition of counting days until Christmas goes all the way back to the beginning of the 1900th century. The 24 days candle called "kalenderlys" resembles a tape measure and provides 24 markings representing the days leading up to Christmas and the candles are lit every day from the 1st of December. The advent wreath is with 4 candles and Danes light one candlelight each Sunday leading up to Christmas Eve. Some families also give their kids gifts every “advent”. Both traditions are marked as a countdown for Christmas Eve.


One of the most popular Danish Christmas desserts to serve is the ‘Æbleskiver’. Directly translated means apple-slices which are a sort of doughnut in the texture. History tells us that the ‘Æbleskiver’ was introduced in Denmark around the 1700s and it used to be slices of apples that were fried in a pan. Later the dough was added to the apple slices and eventually, it was only a small piece of apple that was placed in the individual little puff. Today, the apple does not occur in the recipes for these small Christmas cakes/puffs. They are served warm and with powdered sugar and different types of jam on the side with ‘Christmas-glögg’ which originated in Sweden. Although ‘glögg’ can be found in Greece and Germany, it is considered a traditional Scandinavian beverage, which is served warm during the Christmas holiday season.

Merry Christmas to all DAWNers and your loved ones.


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