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February 2024

DG Annual Meeting 2024

better light group photo

Photo credit: DAWN


Photo credit: DAWN

The DNRF/DG Annual meeting was held on Thursday, 22 February 2024 at DTU Space.

Our new Deputy Director Georgios Magdis was the Chair of the meeting and was supported by great presentations from Francesca Rizzo, Aswin Payyoor Vijayan, Charles Steinhardt, and Darach Watson.

The representatives from the Danish National Research Foundation were Søren-Peter Olesen (CEO of DNRF), Anna Dreber Almenberg (DNRF Board member), Morten Andreasen (DNRF Senior Adviser) and Dorthe Dahl-Jensen (DNRF Board member and Professor at the University of Copenhagen).


Conference in Vienna

From 18 - 23 February 2024 Minju Lee and Anne Hutter both participated in this conference in Vienna:

"Building Galaxies from Scratch: Advances and Challenges in Simulating Galaxy Evolution"

Anne Hutter gave a great talk at the conference and she received very encouraging comments and questions from the audience.

Fun fact: This conference offered a lot of different social activities than normal - e.g. a pub quiz (prepared just for the conference participants), ice skating before the conference dinner, badminton, and bouldering!


Anne Hutter presenting at the conference.

Photo credit: Minju Lee


Workshop in the Vatican

Steven R. Gillman participated in the workshop "Astrophysics: The James Webb Space Telescope" organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (PAS) in the unique location in the Vatican from 27-29 February 2024.

Steven presented results from the MIRI European Consortium High-Redshift working group at the workshop titled  “The James Webb Space Telescope: from first light to new world views” which brought together scientists from all over the world to discuss the ground-breaking science from the first years of JWSTs operation.

Well done Steven!

steven 2

Photo credit: The Pontifical Academy of Sciences (PAS)


The "EliteForsk" Travel Grant

Albert Sneppen has received the Elite Research Travel Grant for DKK 200,000!

The Elite Research Travel Grant helps very talented PhD students to perform longer-term studies in some of the best research environments in the world. The Ministry of Higher Education and Science annually distributes up to 20 Elite Research travel grants.

Her Majesty, Queen Mary of Denmark and Christina Egelund, Minister of Higher Education and Science awarded the grants at a beautiful ceremony on 26 February 2024 in Copenhagen.

Photo credit: Darach Watson

Credit Søren Kjeldgaard

Photo credit: Søren Kjeldgaard


Francesca Rizzo accepts a Tenure Track position in the Netherlands!


Francesca Rizzo is embarking on an exciting new chapter of her career as she recently accepted a Tenure Track position as an Assistant Professor in Galaxy Formation and Evolution at the Kapteyn Institute, University of Groningen. With plans to relocate to the Netherlands in June, Francesca's research endeavors will span both observations and simulations, with the final aim of gaining insights into the evolution of galaxy dynamics and the nature of dark matter.

Big congratulations from all of DAWN to Francesca!

Upcoming Events

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♦ Astronomy on Tap: Gonzalo P. Lyon 08 Mar Read more here
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♦ DAWN SUMMIT 2024 15-17 Apr Venue: Festauditorium (A1-01.01 - Frederiksberg Campus)
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Upcoming Guests

Alessio Mei (Gran Sasso Science Institute) 26 Jan 26 Apr
Nicholas (Nick) Vieira (McGill University) 02 Mar 09 Mar
James Gillanders (University of Oxford ) 14 Mar 17 Mar
Aurélien Genin (the École Polytechnique de Paris) 02 Apr 16 Aug
Olivia Cooper (Unviersity of Texas-Austin) 10 Apr 31 Jul
Dan Coe (Space Telescope Science Institute) 22 Apr 24 Apr
Matthieu Musy (ENSTA Bretagne) 06 May 30 Aug
35 x Guests / JADES meeting - Peter Jakobsen 15 Apr 17 Apr
Silje 2

The newest and youngest member of DAWN!

On Saturday, 27 January 2024, Lijie Liu gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Silje Liu Greve!

We are looking forward to meeting her when the time is ready and we send our biggest congratulations to both Lijie and Thomas ♥


♦ Webinar: Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship applications in Horizon Europe 11 Apr Read more and sign up here
♦ STScI’s Annual Spring Symposium 15-19 Apr Link is here
♦ Science with the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes VII: Stars, Gas & Dust in the Universe, Porto 29 Apr - 02 May Link is here
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♦ Conference: First Stars VII, CCA at the Flatiron Institute in New York 20-24 May Link is here
♦ ADAM 2024, Roskilde 22-23 May Link is here
♦ Conference: "The physical processes shaping the stellar and gaseous histories of galaxies" - Pisa, Italy 27-31 May Link is here
♦ Webinar: Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Master Class 11 Jun Link is here
♦ The Line Intensity Mapping 2024 meeting, University of Illinois 12-14 Jun Link is here
♦ Conference "Galaxy Groups in the era of eROSITA and Euclid: a multiwavelength view”, Sesto 01-05 Jul Link is here
♦ Special Session SS8 at EAS2024, Padova, Italy 02 Jul Link is here
♦ Special Session SS12 at EAS2024, Padova, Italy 04 Jul Link is here
♦ Special Session 2, SS2 at EAS2024, Padova, Italy 05 Jul Link is here
♦ IAU Symposium #391: The first chapters of our cosmic history with JWST, Cape Town 06-09 Aug Read more here
♦ Workshop: The Edinburgh-DAWN Workshop (Copenhagen) 26-28 Aug TBD
♦ Conference: Black Holes Inside and Out (Copenhagen) 26-30 Aug Read more here
♦ AGN Feedback and Star Formation Across Cosmic Scales and Time, Italy 02-06 Sep Read more here
♦ Workshop: ‘’Kochel CLAW" in Schloss Aspenstein, Kochelsee, Germany 30 Sep - 04 Oct Read more here
♦ The Carlsberg Foundation: Visiting Fellowships at University of Oxford 01 Apr DTU link UCPH link
♦ The Carlsberg Foundation: Internationalisation Fellowships 01 Apr DTU link UCPH link
♦ DFF: Project 1 17 Apr DTU link UCPH link

Danish Traditions & Culture



Vintergækker og Erantis - Mit Hus Min HaveThe vintergækker (snowdrop flower) is considered the first flower of the year in Denmark. The white delicate flower can be found in most cities and in Danish nature, where it often blooms in the early days of February. The vintergækker did not naturally belong or grow in Danish nature. The flower naturally grows in Spain in the Pyrenees and in Kaukasus, but the flower was brought to Denmark in the 1400-century by monks and nuns.

You will also be able to find the beautiful rich yellow Eranthis buttercup flower growing at this time of year and standing in contrast to the white delicate snowdrop flower.

Easter // "Gækkebreve"


What are Gækkebreve?

‘Gække’, translated to English, is a combination of ‘teasing’ and to ‘guess’. Creating and sending these “snowdrop letters” is a unique Danish tradition. In the weeks before Easter, children cut out elaborate shapes on paper, then write a “teaser poem.” The letter is anonymous but signed with a number of dots corresponding to the number of letters in the sender’s name. If the recipient can guess who the gækkebreve is from, the sender owes the recipient an egg. If he/she cannot, they owe the sender an (chocolate)-egg. The letter is often accompanied by a vintergække (snowdrop flowers), which is considered the first flower of the year. Watch and be inspired by this short YouTube tutorial.


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