DAWN Newsletter

August 2023

Minju Lee recieves the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship


On 01 October 2023, Minju Lee will begin the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) postdoctoral fellowship and will be funded for two years. During the project, she will study how gaseous components in and outside the galaxies control the galaxy evolution in the distant universe and their connection to the dark matter halo. It will fully leverage the ALMA archive and publicly available data sets in the legacy fields.

Big congratulations Minju!

Euclid Launch

On Saturday, 01 July 2023 at Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA the Euclid Space Telescope was launched and sent off. Our Associate Prof. David Sanders from the University of Hawaii and the Cosmic DAWN Center Director Prof. Sune Toft were among the invited guests who observed the launch on the first row. What an exciting time to come with this telescope!


Photo Credit: Dulce Sanders

dulce, dave, sune etc.

Dave Sanders, Dulce Sanders and Sune Toft. Photo Credit: Dulce Sanders

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Individual DG Templates 2023 are now in our Teams Group - Making it easy for you to update at anytime or online no matter where you are in the world!

- Link is here: Teams-Group DG Templates

Upcoming Events

♦ Cake Talks (ongoing) See the schedule here
♦ NBI Gala Party 2023 07 Oct Read more on Facebook (event "Kæmpefest 2023")
♦ Save the date: DAWN X-mas Party 15 Dec Venue: Munkekælderen or NBB

Upcoming Guests

Olivia Cooper April 2024 June 2024

Meet Simone Vejlgaard Nielsen - DAWN PhD Student and selected Summer School Student at the Vatican Observatory in Rome!


June 2023 is a month I will never forget! Together with 25 students representing 20 different countries, I was selected to participate in this year’s Vatican Observatory Summer School which took place in a picturesque old abbey near Albano, southeast of Rome. These historical surroundings served as the setting for our lectures, where we were taught the frontiers of data science tools for astronomical applications by excellent professors such as Viviana Acquaviva, Željko Ivezić, and Stefano Christiani.

Besides attending inspiring lectures and engaging in hands-on tutorials, I also had the opportunity to initiate a new project collaboration. I already find myself missing the entire team, and I genuinely hope they will continue to excel in their exciting research upon returning to their respective home countries.”



♦ Scientific Communication in Astronomy School 2nd Edition - Italy 02-06 Oct Link is here
♦ "Young Astronomers on Galactic Nuclei" (YAGN23) in Italy 18-20 Oct Link is here
♦ Conference: First Stars VII, CCA at the Flatiron Institute in New York 20-24 May, 2024 Link - TBD
♦ Conference: "The physical processes shaping the stellar and gaseous histories of galaxies" - Pisa, Italy 27-31 May 2024 Link is here
♦ Horizon Europe - Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships (PF) 13 Sept DTU link UCPH link
♦ The Carlsberg Foundation: Semper Ardens: Accerlerate (preliminary) 01 Oct DTU link UCPH link
♦ The Carlsberg Foundation's annual call: Research Infrastructure 01 Oct DTU link UCPH link
♦ Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF): Sapere Aude 2023 10 Oct DTU link UCPH link
♦ Independent Research Fund Denmark: Project 2 (DFF) 11 Oct DTU link UCPH link
♦ EU Horizon Europe - ERC Starting Grant (preliminary) 25 Oct DTU link UCPH link
♦ Independent Research Fund Denmark: International Postdoc (DFF) 31 Oct DTU link UCPH link
♦ EU Horizon Europe - ERC Synergy Grant (preliminary) 08 Nov DTU link UCPH link
♦ EU Horizon Europe - ERC Consolidator Grant (preliminary) 12 Dec DTU link UCPH link

Danish Traditions & Culture

DHL Relay Race: In 1980, the athletic club Sparta Chairman Niels Jørgen Holdt, was travelling in the USA and saw a commercial for a company-relay and decided that Denmark should also have this kind of event. Upon his return to Denmark, he began coordinating the DHL Relay Race which takes place every year and has become very popular.

The first DHL Relay Race was held in 1981 in the park called Fælledparken (just between the old Niels Bohr Institute and the new Niels Bohr Building). Later other greater Danish cities joined in with Aarhus in 1983 and Aalborg and Odense in 2003. The number of runners has also expanded greatly over the years. In the first DHL Relay Race, 134 teams participated with a total of 670 runners. In 2022 the number of teams was 23,428 with a total of 117,140 runners/walkers! It makes it the largest Relay Race in the world.


When the DHL Relay is opened for the run, it is not only the baton that are handed over, but also a trust within the next runner, that will provide all the energy that the runners has and do ones ultimate best for the team. The symbolic in the event is precisely why the transport and logistical company DHL has been the main sponsor of this relay race for +30 years. Along with the motto: We are running a relay for our customers every day, all year - in the entire world.