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April 2024

The "Inaugural" of DAWN II and the joint SUMMIT & JADES week

Monday, the 15th of April 2024, marked the official new start of DAWN II. We celebrated this new chapter with a great "kick-off" by hosting the DAWN SUMMIT 2024 for three full days. Simultaneously, Peter Jakobsen held the JADES meeting and we concluded the events with a spectacular JWST mini- symposium in the beautiful venue of the 'Festauditorium' at Frederiksberg Campus.

After the symposium, we walked to the Carlsberg Museum for a guided tour and reception followed by a joined conference dinner for all 87 participants.

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Peter Jakobsen
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During the many great presentations at the DAWN Summit 2024, our three new interns also contributed with their latest research!

--> All photos from the events and of all presentations can be found here in our Teams Group.


Aurélien Genin


Negin Khosravaninezhad

olivia cooper

Olivia Cooper


PhD Defense by Vadim Rusakov!

On Tuesday, 09 April 2024, Vadim Rusakov successfully defended his PhD Thesis in the historical Aud. A. at the Niels Bohr Institute.

Big congratulations from all at DAWN.

The PhD Committee included: Supervisor Charles Steinhardt, Lise Bech Christensen, Stephen Eales (Cardiff University), and Christopher Conselice (University of Manchester)


Photo credit: DAWN


Astronomy on TAP talk by Gonzalo Prieto Lyon

On Saturday, 13 April 2024, Gonzalo Prieto Lyon gave a wonderful talk about Finding the First Galaxies with JWST.

It was the second talk in a row by DAWNers at Astronomy on TAP!



Farewell to Alessio Mei



Our Italian Intern Alessio Mei (Gran Sasso Science Institute) has left DAWN after a successful 3-month stay, supervised by Daniele Malesani.

We will miss you very much and hope to see you soon again!


Photo credit: Daniele Malesani

Upcoming Events

♦ Cake Talks (ongoing) See the schedule here
♦ DAWN Day (Chair: Kimi C. Kreilgaard) 30 May See the agenda in this link (Teams Group)
♦ Julie Vinter Hansen Event (NBB) 21 May Link for the event
♦ KU Festival 2024 31 May Read more here
♦ KIF Annual Meeting 2024 04 Jun Read more here and sign up
♦ DHL Relay Race 30 Aug Link: TBD

Upcoming Guests

Negin Khosravaninezhad (DAWN-Intern, UC Riverside) 02 Apr 30 Jun
Aurélien Genin (the École Polytechnique de Paris) 02 Apr 16 Aug
Olivia Cooper (University of Texas-Austin) 10 Apr 31 Jul
Matthieu Musy (ENSTA Bretagne) 06 May 30 Aug
Matteo Ferro (INAF/Brera, Milan, Italy) 13 May 31 May
Prof. Bruce Draine (Princeton University) 04 Jun 05 Jul
Seiji Fujimoto (University of Texas-Austin) 17 Jun 06 Jul

Meet Ting-Yi Lu - new member of the 1st Author Pub-Club!


Hi! I am Ting-Yi Lu from Taiwan. I am a 3rd year PhD student working with Charlotte Mason and Anne Hutter on reionization. Specifically, I use Lya absorption from the neutral intergalactic medium (IGM) to study reionization morphology and reionization history.

I am particularly interested in the interplay between things, such as how galaxies ionized IGM and how the ionization state of IGM affects the visibility of galaxies’ light. I work at the interface between observation and simulation, to bridge what we know to what we (can) see. 

Fun fact: My main personality is more a minimalist and I like to keep things neat. But there is a chaotic part of me who dreams of living with an orange cat, a golden retriever, a chihuahua, and my boyfriend, and collecting a lot of miniatures. 

My PhD focuses on measuring reionization morphology/ionized bubbles, which affects the visibility of galaxy Lya lines and reflects the properties of ionizing sources. I have been developing ways to map ionized bubbles and to interpret what the observed galaxy Lya lines mean to reionization morphology.


In the paper “The reionizing bubble size distribution around galaxies”, we try to answer what are the typical ionized bubble sizes of the recently JWST observed galaxies at z>7, using reionization simulations. As we know, galaxies do not live in isolation, neither do ionized bubbles of galaxies. The clustering of galaxies and overlapping of ionized bubbles make interpreting galaxy bubble sizes and thus reionizing sources difficult. 

The z>8 detections of galaxy Lya emissions would be a big surprise if we only think of these galaxies sitting in their own small ionized bubbles. Making use of the 21cmFAST reionization simulations, which take into account bubble overlapping, we get to measure bubble sizes of galaxy overdensities in different reionization models. 

This is for the first time the sizes of overlapped bubbles around galaxy overdensities are quantitatively measured in simulations. Using our realistic bubble sizes, we can more confidently gauge if it is normal to detect Lya emissions from the JWST observed galaxy overdensities in a reionization model.  

A missing piece in the topic of reionization morphology is the real bubble sizes/reionization morphology around galaxies at z>7 has never been observationally mapped. Now with JWST, mapping reionization morphology is no longer a dream! I am currently finishing up my second paper, which is about how to map bubbles with JWST.

Hopefully, we will be able to see the real reionization morphology through the JWST eye very soon!  


♦ The importance of involving students in modeling practices in physics (NBI) 07 May Read more and sign up here
♦ Conference: First Stars VII, CCA at the Flatiron Institute in New York 20-24 May Link is here
♦ ADAM 2024, Roskilde 22-23 May Link is here
♦ Conference: "The physical processes shaping the stellar and gaseous histories of galaxies" - Pisa, Italy 27-31 May Link is here
♦ Webinar: Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Master Class 11 Jun Link is here
♦ The Line Intensity Mapping 2024 meeting, University of Illinois 12-14 Jun Link is here
♦ Conference "Galaxy Groups in the era of eROSITA and Euclid: a multiwavelength view”, Sesto 01-05 Jul Link is here
♦ Workshop: The Edinburgh-DAWN Workshop (Copenhagen) 26-28 Aug TBD
♦ Conference: Black Holes Inside and Out (Copenhagen) 26-30 Aug Read more here
♦ AGN Feedback and Star Formation Across Cosmic Scales and Time, Italy 02-06 Sep Read more here
♦ Workshop: ‘’Kochel CLAW" in Schloss Aspenstein, Kochelsee, Germany 30 Sep - 04 Oct Read more here
♦ VILLUM Foundation: Young Investigator 06 Jun DTU link UCPH link
♦ DFF: Project 1 (Inge Lehmann-programme) 18 Jun DTU link UCPH link
♦ VILLUM Foundation: Villum Investigators 21 Aug DTU link UCPH link
♦ Horizon Europe - Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships (PF) 11 Sep DTU link UCPH link
♦ Horizon Europe - Marie Sklodowska-Curie Doctoral Networks - preliminary call 27 Nov DTU link UCPH link

Danish Traditions & Culture

Hidden Giant Trolls


Go for a great explore of the wooden giants in the woods of Copenhagen’s suburbs.

Scattered around lush forests, meadows, and by calm waters in suburbia Copenhagen, you'll meet the tall, quirky-looking wooden sculptures which are pretty far from your typical tourist attraction.




The municipalities of the greater Copenhagen region which are homes to impressive art pieces are definitely off the beaten track. And that's exactly why artist, Thomas Dambo opted for these scenic settings locations for his sculptures built from recycled woods; to get locals out discovering and enjoying nature.

--> Read more about the art-project here.




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