JWST mini-symposium

From the origin of Webb to the origin of galaxies

If you're participating in the JADES meeting or the DAWN Summit, you're automatically registrered. Otherwise, please send an email to Peter <pela@nbi.ku.dk>.
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    The JADES team is having its annual meeting at DAWN on 15–17 April, in parallel with the DAWN Summit 2024. To celebrate the achievements of JADES, and the history of the development of James Webb and its instruments, the two meetings will merge during the afternoon of the last day for a mini-symposium.

    Time and venue

    The symposium takes place on 17 April, 13:00–17:00, at the "Festauditorium" (A1-01.01) at SCIENCE, Frederiksberg Campus, Bülowsvej 17 (enter the gate, continue straight through the yard).

    From DAWN to dusk the Festauditorium

    Frederiksberg Campus is 3 km from DAWN, i.e. roughly a 40 min. walk, but can also be reached by bus 18 in ~25 min., or metro M3 in ~25 min.

    City walk

    For those interested, there will be a city walk departing from DAWN/DARK at 11:45 which will pass the graves of H. C. Ørsted and Niels Bohr. This will take roughly an hour, so that we arrive at Frederiksberg Campus at 12:45.

    Conference dinner

    For the JADES+DAWN attendees, after the meeting there will be beer tasting, guided tour, and dinner at the Carlsberg Museum & Business Centre, Valby Langgade 1.

    From the Festauditorium to Carlsberg

    Carlsberg is 1.8 km from the Festauditorium, i.e. roughly a 25 min. walk, but can also be reached by bus 9A in ~20 min.

    Snack: Crispy schrimp-chips with miso dip and roasted kimchi sesame seeds. Starter: Ceviche of scallop served with cold gooseberry-bouillon, green kelp oil and dashi mayonnaise decorated with puffed rice Main course: Ballotine or organic chicken and mushrooms on pommes pure with frikassé of asparagus and the season's peas served with chicken sauce and wild garlic Dessert: Parfait with browned butter, burned hazelnut cracker and rhubarb


    13:00Sune Toft (DAWN/NBI):Welcome!
    13:10Peter Jakobsen (DAWN/NBI & ESA [retired]): The early history of JWST and Europe's involvement
    13:35Marcia Rieke (University of Arizona): Challenges in developing NIRCam
    14:00Peter Jensen (ESA, retired): Challenges in developing NIRSpec
    14:25Coffee Break
    14:55George Rieke (University of Arizona): Challenges in developing MIRI
    15:20Chris Willott (Dominion Astrophysical Observatory): Canada's involvement and Challenges in developing FGS/NIRISS
    15:45Francesco D'Eugenio (University of Cambridge): JADES Data Release 3
    16:00Lily Whitler (University of Arizona): Demographics of High Redshift Galaxies
    16:15Irene Shivaei (Centro de Astrobiología; CAB/CSIC-INTA):Dust and MIRI Results
    16:30Gabe Brammer (DAWN/NBI): The DAWN JWST Archive (DJA)
    16:45Koki Kakiichi (DAWN/NBI): A Webb view on reionization
    17:00Adjourn for dinner

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