March 16, 2023 @ 14:00 – 15:00 Europe/Copenhagen Timezone

Title: AGN Feedback in and around galaxies

Abstract: Cosmological simulations predict that AGN feedback is responsible for suppressing the growth of massive galaxies and is believed to be a key process in reproducing basic properties of galaxies (such as luminosity function, the black hole–spheroid relationships, galaxy sizes, galaxy colour bi-modality). There have been a number of studies that have suggested an anti-correlation between ionised outflows (traced with [O III]) and star formation (traced using H-alpha) in the host galaxies of high-luminosity AGN. However, the H-alpha line is susceptible to obscuration by dust, therefore this anti-correlation between star-formation and outflows might be caused by dust obscuration, rather than star-formation suppression.

I will present results of the two largest AGN IFU survey at Cosmic Noon, mapping [OIII], Halpha using VLT/KMOS and VLT/SINFONI IFU instrument in combination with dust emission using ALMA. This combination enables us to map both the obscured and unobscured star-formation as well as any AGN-driven outflows in the host galaxies of these AGN. I will also show the importance of resolution and depth of the observations by showing our analysis of the JWST/NIRSPEC ERS.

Finally, I will present our latest result of stacking ALMA observations of CO, [CI] and dust continuum observations of z~2.5 extremely red quasars showing evidence of cold gas and dust halos around these hyper luminous QSOs.