Shuowen Jin started the Marie Curie project FIRSTDUST at DAWN

DAWN postdoc Shuowen Jin has been awarded the prestigious Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship. Now he has started the EU-funded project FIRSTDUST at DAWN & DTU-Space, studying dusty galaxies and galaxy clusters in the early Universe.

Shuowen, Saclay

Photo credit: Pierre-Alain DUC.


In March 2022, Shuowen Jin was awarded the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships with an exceptionally high score (98/100). In July, he started the fellowship at DAWN & DTU-Space in close collaborations with many DAWNers.


A galaxy group at z=2.9 (Daddi et al. 2021), FIRSTDUST will search for similar structures at even earlier cosmic time.

The Marie Curie project FIRSTDUST (Far‐Infrared to Radio Search for disTant Dust‐obscUred galaxies and STructures) aims to address two fundamental questions: (1) how dusty is the early Universe?  (2) How much star formation was happening in overdense environments before cosmic noon? To this end, Shuowen will characterize the dust‐obscured star formation rate density and search for the most distant dusty galaxies and clusters.

Looking forward to seeing exciting discoveries with Shuowen!

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