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Maria Bergemann: [title TBA]
Nov 25 @ 14:00 – 15:00


Cake talks by Ezra Huscher and Sam Cutler (IRES students)
Jun 30 @ 16:00 – 17:00
Ezra Huscher: The Case of the Missing Carbon IV
Cosmological simulations generally do a good job reproducing the observations of different metal absorbers, but Carbon IV in particular is consistently underproduced and the reason why is not clear. I’ll give a brief overview of the Technicolor Dawn simulations and discuss the attempts we are making to solve this mystery of the missing carbon.
Sam Cutler: The Resolved Star-Formation Histories of z~2 Galaxies
Resolving the history of star formation in galaxies is crucial to understanding the evolution and growth of galaxies. However, obtaining such measurements are challenging, owing to the large amount of high resolution photometric and spectroscopic data required to constrain star-formation histories (SFHs) with spectral energy distribution (SED) fitting. In this talk, I will discuss a sample of 60 z~2.3 galaxies with SED modelling of resolved central and outer components using the Bayesian Prospector code. The resulting SFHs suggest the majority of galaxies below logM<10.5 are observed while their central regions are undergoing relatively recent bursts of star-formation, compared to smoother outer and global SFHs. I will also present a potential method to infer the overall shape and behaviour of the central and global SFHs of quenched galaxies using resolved color gradients. The data required for a large sample of these gradients is now available thanks to degree-scale HST WFC3/F160W imaging from the 3D-DASH survey.